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. . . The corners of his mouth turned up. With a cheque this large, he wouldn't have to work all summer. He could read a hundred books . . .


Being largely self-educated, I believe in the notion of being a life-long scholar. From the viewpoint of an engineer and computer programmer, continuous study—both doing and studying— is the only possible way to stay current with the evolution of societies and their technology.

I read books, newspapers, and magazines—partly because of my investment activities, and partly because I'm interested in where the human race is going (into the future, yes?).

Here, for your continuing enjoyment and edification, is a list of magazines and newspapers that I read regularly, plus books I have read over the years, whose contents were impressive enough that I read the books several times.

I've organised the list of books into broad categories, namely, Science, Technology, Financial and Investing, and an area I vaguely call Humanities—that deals with social issues, anthropology, and psychology. I have even included a few computer books in there. The link buttons to the left take you to the categories.

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