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. . . Whenever I get married I start buying Gourmet Magazine . . .


To keep up with the international economic scene and to fuel my interests in technological and business developments, I read around twenty magazines every month. Here are some of the publications I read regularly. I list them here in case you'll find references that will spark your interest. And, of course, the navigation buttons to the left provide lists of recommended books.

Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report

The Gloom, Boom, and Doom Report is written by Doctor Marc Faber who is an internationally known financial advisor based in Hong Kong.


Doctor Faber is known as Doctor Doom because of his somewhat pessimistic view of markets. His views on economies, countries, and markets are somewhat iconoclastic, but when you read his works his views make sense. Doctor Faber's grasp of the histories of nations and trade routes is vast and all-encompassing.

Riding the Millennial Storm

Doctor Faber's biography is called Riding the Millennial Storm, by columnist Nury Vittachi. One of the especially interesting chapters in Millennial Storm is titled Vanishing Cities, in which Doctor Faber discusses what the shifting of trade routes can do to once populous and prosperous centres of population.

IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Spectrum is the house magazine of the IEEE—the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Technology Review

Technology Review is the magazine of the Alumni of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Technology Review devotes about equal time to technology per se, and to the social implications of technology. Anybody can subscribe—you don't have to be an alumnus.

Extropy Magazine

Extropy Magazine of Transhumanist Thought is the magazine of the Extropy Institute. Extropy looks at futuristic issues and implications for the coming wave of technological and biological changes. Issues they focus on include: Transhumanism and futurist philosophy; Protocols for practical superlongevity; New directions in computation and human-computer interaction; and Megascale engineering.


Discover Magazine is the popular science publication and is partnered with the Discovery Channel.

Red Chip Review

Red Chip Review is an investment magazine that focusses on small capitalisation companies.

Scientific American

Scientific American

Futurist Magazine


Bloomberg Personal Finance

Bloomberg Personal Finance

Business Week

Business Week

GPS World

GPS World covers applications and technology for the Global Positioning System.

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