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To keep up with the international economic scene and to fuel my interests in technological and business developments, I read about thirty newspapers a week. Here are some of the publications I read regularly. I list them here in case you'll find references that will spark your interest. And, of course, the navigation buttons to the left provide lists of recommended books.

Financial Times

The Financial Times of London is one of the premier financial newspapers in the world. I read this paper whenever I can, because it provides coverage of the whole world political and economic scene.

Nikkei Weekly

The Nikkei Weekly is the English-language weekly edition of the Nihon Keizai Shinbun. It provides detailed—dense and intense—coverage of the Japanese political and economic scene, as well as excellent coverage of the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.

Off the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is of course the venerable newspaper of the United States financial markets. Its three sections cover the general economic and political scene, markets and marketing, and money and investing.


Barrons is the once-a-week sister publication to the Wall Street Journal. They cover broader areas than the daily paper and host regular Round Table discussions with fund managers and economic strategists. Barrons is worth reading for the lead editorial column alone—Alan Abelson, the editor, is my kind of curmudgeon.

South China Morning Post

The South China Morning Post is an English-language daily newspaper published in Hong kong. They focus on Hong Kong and Southern China.

Singapore Straits Times

The Singapore Straits Times is of course printed in Singapore—home to the famous restaurant the Flog City Diner. The Straits Times covers the Singapore economy and political situation, and also provides coverage of their relatively close neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia.


South Africa Times UK is published in London and covers the political and economic situation in South Africa and much more of the African continent. They do not appear to have a web site, and the publication is not very easy to obtain.

Toronto Globe and Mail

The Toronto Globe and Mail* is one of the major Canadian publications. They do a fair job of covering the Canadian political and economic situation.


The Toronto Globe and Mail is known affectionately as the Toronto Grope and Flail, in the same way that the Manchester Guardian (Manchester, England) is called the Manchester Grauniad

Investor's Business Daily

Investor's Business Daily is the maverick investor's newspaper created by William O'Neill. IBD, as it is known, is well known for its coverage of technical indicators such as relative strength and rank. It is an excellent newspaper.

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