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Uji Tea Fields Uji Tea Field

Uji is in the southern part of Kyoto and is one of the premier tea growing areas of the world. Tea grown in Uji is used for the tea ceremony, as well as the top grade tea known as Gyokuro, or Precious Dew.

Tea Fields in Uji
Tea Flowers In Uji Tea Fields Tea Fields in Uji   Tea Fields in Uji

Cormorant Fishing 

Cormorant Sunning

A popular tourist attraction that has its origins in the very practical basis of catching fish for food is the art of 鷼飼 (ukai), otherwise known as fishing with Cormorants

In ancient Chinese and Japanese times, river fisherfolk would raise Cormorants from the egg and train them to dive for fish. Each Cormorant has a collar around its neck so it can't swallow the fish. When the bird returns to the boat, it coughs up the fish for the fisherman, and usually receives a reward (of a piece of fish, naturally).

In springtime, thoughts turn to Cherry Blossoms.

Beautiful Cherry trees alongside the Uji river.

Cherry Blossoms In Uji
Whimsical In Post Box Uji

Whimsical Post Box at Uji Railway Station

Ordinarily, as you travel around Japan, the post office post boxes are fairly mundane-looking affairs.

But at Uji station, the post box is made from a 茶壺 (Cha Tsubo)—an earthen-ware container used for storing processed tea leaves before they are ground into Matcha.

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