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Naniwa Osaka Osaka

. . . 京の着倒れ . . . . 大阪の食い倒れ . . .

. . . Kyoto people ruin themselves for clothes . . . . 
           Osaka people ruin themselves for food . . .


This picture is one of the more spectacular pictures of Osaka Castle, taken during cherry blossom time.

Osaka Castle

While most pictures of Osaka Castle seem to concentrate on the central bailey or keep shown here, the castle grounds are extensive, forming a large park that can easily take most of a day to get around and see all the sights.

The keep shown here is eight stories high. You start at the top floor and wind your way down, studying the history of Naniwa or 浪花 (the ancient name for Osaka), learning about the war periods, the Shoguns, who was doing what to whom, and who was getting paid for doing it.

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