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Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais is just a few kilometres North of the Golden Gate Bridge, and West of Mill Valley, in Marin County of California.

Bolinas Lagoon from Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais is really composed of three peaks on two huge ridges. One of the ridges is ten kilometres long, running North to South beside the Pacific Ocean. This picture was taken on a clear spring day, at the North end of Mount Tamalpais, looking down onto Bolinas Lagoon. We were on the Western slope of the mountain at an altitude of around 500 metres, where you have a panoramic view.

Mount Tamalpais has an astounding 500 kilometres of trails. Even on a busy day, with thousands of people on the mountain, you can find areas where you can hike for an hour without meeting another person. Mount Tamalpais is a favourite place for hiking, biking, and hang-gliding. If you are brave enough, you can hike all the way down to either Muir Beach or Stinson Beach. But be aware that you then have to hike back up eight or ten kilometres, with a 500 metre climb.

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