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Java was launched by Sun Microsystems in 1995 as a means of distributing “executable content” to web browsers.

Sun Microsystems were subsequently acquired by Oracle.

As history has turned out, Java in the web browser was not the success that was expected, what with some browser manufacturers not supporting Java adequately, and other browser manufacturers actively trying to kill off Java.

That said, Java has proved itself as a software development language in which software engineers can be incredibly productive, Java proved to be a viable language for teaching computer science, and Java has established a firm footing in enterprise software.

Trilithon Software worked over a year with the Java team at JavaSoft on white papers and books. We started Java development in 1995.

Skills include development using the original AWT GUI, the old Netscape Internet Foundation Classes (now pretty much defunct), the Java Foundation Classes (Swing), and Java Servlets.

Java projects to date included:
a collaborative project planning system with Netmosphere
a collaborative document management system with Intravation
a collaborative database system for a major accounting firm
a customer database reconciliation application for a major internet business-to-business company
an innovative financial analysis package with Seroia Partners

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