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. . . I could not get my brain around the concept of a proprietary standard . . . . so I quit . . .


I have more than twenty years experience working with the PostScript Page Description Language—developed by Adobe Systems in the early 1980s.

My PostScript knowledge led to my co-writing PostScript by Example with Mary Campione. PostScript by Example is the first and only tutorial to cover PostScript Level Two in detail.

Publications See my Authoring page for more information.

My latest PostScript programming job was at Adobe Systems, working on the Adobe PostScript Three (PostScript Level Three) Software Developer's Toolkit. I developed a collection of PostScript code samples, acted as technical liaison to selected software developers, and contributed material to technical notes to explain the features of Adobe PostScript Three to third party developers.

At Quorum Software Systems, I improved the performance of their PostScript-based software packages.



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