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. . . A hundred years ago, you would come into contact with just your local Turkeys . . . . Now, thanks to modern communications, you can meet more Turkeys in a single day than you previously would have in a whole lifetime . . .

. . . Of course there are always the skeptics, those self-proclaimed “experts” who will say . . . . . . . .

. . . Don't let yourself be intimidated . . . . You've seen the evidence . . . . You know they're out there . . .


Junk E-Mail is known as Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (UCE), or Unsolicited Bulk E-Mail (UBE), and generally called Spam, not to be confused with the otherwise fine (shudder) products of the Hormel Corporation.

Spam is a major problem for legitimate Internet users. Trilithon Software has a zero-tolerance policy for spam. The policy is as follows:

Trilithon Software does not wish to receive Unsolicited Commercial or Bulk E-Mail (Junk E-mail).

Regardless of disclaimers from Spammers, Trilithon Software will not “un-subscribe” from E-Mail lists to which we did not “subscribe” in the first place.

Trilithon Software will attempt to recover costs incurred in reception, storage, and processing of Spam.

No Spam

Trilithon Software does not wish to receive unsolicited E-Mail (Junk E-mail). Trilithon Software pays for Internet bandwidth, processing, and storage of E-Mail. Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail (UCE) or Unsolicited Bulk E-Mail (UBE) constitutes an encroachment on Trilithon Software's property. Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail broadcasters may be subject to legal actions under the laws of tort.


Regardless of any or all disclaimers in the junk E-Mail that we have “subscribed”, or “opted in”, or “click here to un-subscribe”, Trilithon Software will not “un-subscribe” from E-Mail lists to which we did not “subscribe” in the first place.

Tacit Acceptance

Sending Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail to Trilithon Software indicates tacit acceptance of this policy. Ignorance of this policy or ignorance of the existence of this policy is not a valid excuse, just as ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse.


Upon receipt of Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail, Trilithon Software will attempt to locate the sender of the E-Mail. An Internet abuse report will be filed with the sender's Internet Service Provider (ISP), such that any E-Mail addresses and web pages associated with the sender will be removed from the Internet.

Cost Recovery

In the event that a sender of Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail obfuscate their Internet identity, Trilithon Software will attempt to locate the sender via their telephone numbers or street addresses. In this latter case, Trilithon Software will send an invoice for $500 (five hundred US dollars) for receiving, storing, and processing the Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail, to the sender of the Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail. Such invoice to be paid via cashier's cheque or money order upon receipt of invoice.

Unpaid Invoices

In the event that the aforementioned invoice is not paid within thirty days, Trilithon Software will turn the invoice over to a commercial collection agency.

Spam Blocking

With the Spam load moving up toward one thousand Spams per day, Trilithon Software have commenced an aggressive program of Spam Blocking. The vast majority of all the Spam we receive emanates from Korea, China, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, the Nederlands, and other Spam-friendly places, and therefore we are agressively blocking all E-Mail traffic from those network blocks.


If you are unfortunate enough to live in one of these Spam-friendly countries, and if you have a legitimate reason to communicate with Trilithon Software, you can write a letter explaining why you wish to communicate.

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