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But We Included a Means to Unsubscribe . . . This protest is heard hundreds of times a day all over the Internet, as the Spammer in question is being booted off of the Internet for the hundreth time they've Spammed.

I don't give a tinkers dam if you have “ . . . included a means for me to unsubscribe . . . ”. First of all, I am positively, emphatically not going to “unsubscribe” to any E-Mail “subscription” to which I did not subscribe in the first place.

And come on now Spammers, Rule 1 (Spammers Are Thieves), Rule 3 (Spammers Are Liars), and practical experience on the Internet for twenty seven years tell me that if I use the indicated means to “unsubscribe”, one of two things will happen. Either the indicated “unsubscribe” address is bogus and the E-Mail will be bounced, or, more likely, I end up confirming that my E-Mail address is valid and it gets added to another Spammer list.

Sorry, chaps, I will not “unsubscribe”. But I will report you to your ISP and have you thrown off the Internet.

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