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Postal Junk Mail versus Spam

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A common defense of Spam goes something like: “Spam Is No Different From Postal Junk Mail”. To which my reply is Bollocks. Let us compare some of the legitimate postal junk mail I receive every day with the Spam I receive every few minutes.


Advertisement for an on-line stock and commodity trading exposition, to be held in Anaheim, California. The company promoting the exposition provide a postal return address. They provide a web page for registration. Their web site is hosted by Hostway Corporation, Chicago, Illinois. Telephone numbers are provided on the web page.

Spam touting a stock with the symbol IGTT (trading on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board, of course). The E-Mail appears to originate from a “consulting” company in Texas. Looking at IGTT on Yahoo shows that there is no company profile, no research, and no news headlines. Both the outfit touting IGTT and IGTT themselves appear to be completely unknown and invisible. Smells like a stock “Pump and Dump” scam to me.

A subscription solicitation for Worth magazine (I am already a subscriber). Worth provides their street address, telephone and FAX numbers, their E-Mail, and their web site addresses. Worth obviously are not trying to hide anything.

Spam Turnkey Solutions (maybe they meant to write Turkey) to bulk E-Mail software and Bullet-Proof Web Hosting (this means they they won't shut down Spammers). In other words, this is Spam touting products for sending Spam! Incest indeed! Their web site contains zero contact information—no street address, no telephone or FAX numbers, and no E-Mail address. Only a form to fill in. Their web site is hosted by Monolit Internet, Kiev, Ukraine. The Spam has been heavily forged so that it appears to have originated from a school in Korea, RoadRunner Internet, and AOL, all at the same time. Clearly, this outfit are up to something shady.


Health Plan Coverage from Kaiser Permanente. They provide names of people to contact, their telephone numbers, and their street address—they even provide a return envelope with their street address on it.

Insurance available only to United States residents. The SpamHaus web site is hosted by ChinaNet in Guangdong province of China. No street addresses, telephone numbers, or E-Mail addresses are provided. Have the Chinese really taken up insuring United States residents? Unlikely—more likely, something shady is going on.

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