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. . . Kill Them All—God Will Know His Own . . .


I wrote this part for friends who were naive about Spam and were wondering why their Spam quota kept increasing. Here are some simple Dos and Don'ts in the matter of Spam. We start first with what not to do.

First of all, Never Respond to Spam. In more than 99 percent of Spam, the From: line at the top of the E-Mail message that reads something like
    From: "Sam Spambag"<sam.spambag@spamtrailer.spam>
is forged and meaningless. Gosh, don't you wonder what they have to hide? Replying to that E-Mail address is useless, and you will simply get a bounced E-Mail message.

If the E-Mail message actually contains a Reply-To: line, that is also likely to be forged. Do you sense a theme emerging?

Secondly, Never Respond to Remove or Unsubscribe addresses. In more than 90 percent of Spam, following Remove or Unsubscribe instructions results in one of two outcomes:

The E-Mail address given as an Unsubscribe address is also forged and meaningless—continuing the familiar theme of something to hide, or,

The E-Mail address given as an Unsubscribe address is a means to verify that your E-Mail address is valid, and you will then be added to another Spam List which will then be sold to other Spam Hausen.

Thirdly, Never Buy Anything From a Spam-Advertised Source. Purchasing Spam-Advertised “products” (most of which are fraudulent, illegal, don't work, or are hazardous to your health) supports people who are at the level of petty criminals. And for good measure, Never Buy Any Stocks That Have Been Recommended via Spam—you will almost certainly wind up on the losing end of a stock “Pump and Dump” scam.

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