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Euskal Herria Euskal Herria

Everyone who has visited the Basque Country longs to return;
                it is a blessed land

 , (1802–1885)

Euskal Herria is better known to most people as the Basque Country. The language—Euskara—has no cognates with any other world language, and is thought to be the oldest surviving language in Europe. Evidence points to the Basques being the original Lower-Paleolithic inhabitants of Western Europe. The population was pushed into the tiny country in the Pyrenees by pressure of invading Indo-Europeans and Latinate peoples.

Guggenheim Museum

I visited Euskal Herria along with my business partner Tom Masino and our Spanish business partner Jesús Andrés at the end of a working visit to Spain. We got a lot of work done, revelled in great food, and then rewarded ourselves with a trip to the Guggenheim Museum of Art in Bilbao, which is the capital city of the Autonomous Basque Region.

Euskal Herria

To learn more about the fascinating culture and history of Euskal Herria, you can visit the information service published and updated by the Basque Government.

Basque History of the World

Author Mark Kurlansky has written a wonderful book titled A Basque History of the World. It is fascinating reading, and you can buy it from Amazon by pushing the button here.

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