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Cayman Islands Grand Cayman

No Sense In De Island Today, Eh Mon . . .


I've been several times to Grand Cayman—the days spent wind-surfing and the evenings in squash tournaments (not to forget eating and drinking in great restaurants). Places to visit in Grand Cayman include the North Sound and Stingray City, and the Turtle Farm.

Visit the Cracked Conch restaurant for their conch chowder. Conch, by the way, is pronounced conk.

I took a month off in 1989, spending a week skiing in Aspen, followed by three weeks travelling around the Caribbean. I wound up the month on Grand Cayman where I wind-surfed, visited my good friend Ray Carberry, and played squash.

Baby Turtles Baby Turtles

There is a Turtle Farm on Grand Cayman, where they breed turtles and every so often let thousands of the young turtles into the sea. Here are a pair of recently hatched turtles on their first swim, and to give you a sense of scale, a baby turtle in a young lady's palm.

Another of Mark Kurlansky's fine books is A Continent of Islands—a view of the good, bad, and ugly aspects of the Caribbean island communities and their history of colonialism imposed from without, and their current economic and political situations.

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