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Guadeloupe Guadeloupe

Karukéra—Island of Beautiful Waters . . .


Guadeloupe pretty much has it all—crystal clear water, sparkling white sand beaches, and tropical rain forests providing some of the best hiking anywhere.

Guadeloupe actually consists of two land masses with a short isthmus in between, and the overall effect is an island that looks somewhat like the wings of a butterfly. The two parts of the main island are called Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre

Sainte Anne Beach on Guadeloupe

This picture is the beautiful beach at Sainte Anne on the south side of Grande Terre.

Carbet Waterfall on Guadeloupe

And this picture is Les Chutes du Carbet—Carbet Waterfalls—in the southern part of Basse-Terre.

Another of Mark Kurlansky's fine books is A Continent of Islands—a view of the good, bad, and ugly aspects of the Caribbean island communities and their history of colonialism imposed from without, and their current economic and political situations.

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