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Singapore Singapore

A really fun trip was to Singapore (Singapura—the Lion City). For its small size, Singapore has much to see and do. The restaurants are great, covering enormous varieties of ethnic food. Seafood lovers must visit the Seafood Centre by the harbour.

One major attraction in Singapore is the Jurong Bird Park—a bird sanctuary in an area of just over twenty hectares. Jurong Bird Park is the largest in the Asia Pacific region. Its collection of more than 8,000 birds from 600 species is among the largest in the world. The Park specialises in birds from Southeast Asia and other exotic and colourful tropical birds.

When you visit Singapore, look for my favourite virtual cafe—the Flog City Diner . . .

This view is looking out of the window of the Compass Rose Restaurant which is at the top of the Westin Stamford Hotel. The view looks towards Marina City Park.


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