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At an early stage I spent time in the south of France, in the Pyrenees, just across the border from Spain. A later trip from London took me through France and into Spain. The journeys took me through Poitiers and Lyons, the Rhone Valley, and the Landes Region (trees) to name just a few places.

Recently I went on a short trip with my business partner Tom Masino to Zaragoza in Spain, where we spent the time working with our other business partner Jesús Andrés, who lives in Zaragoza and works from there via the InterNet. Zaragoza has a long and rich history. The Roman name for the city is Saragosa, for Caesar Augusta. We got a lot of work done, revelled in great food, and then rewarded ourselves with a trip to the Guggenheim Museum of Art in Bilbao.

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