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. . . In the software industry we tend to fabricate each new house from mud, grass, rough lumber, and prayer, instead of from pre-assembled walls, window kits, and engineering know-how . . .


Mac OS X is a completely rebuilt implementation of the Macintosh operating system. Mac OS X derives its lineage from what used to be NextStep, combining a high-class graphical user interface on top of an open source, UNIX-based core called Darwin. If you are a software developer, Mac OS X is the development environment for the future.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X Developer is the starting point for tools and resources you need to take advantage of this powerful development environment. Mac OS X offers multiple paths to development. Java integration enables Java developers to develop and deploy easily on Mac OS X. Cocoa, the object-oriented, native Mac OS X development framework (derived from NextStep), provides rapid access to advanced, high-level functionality, such as multimedia rendering and speech recognition.

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