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. . . To do his work well a workman must first sharpen his tools . . .


This page contains references to some tools you can use to create web sites.

Bare Bones Software

BBEdit by Bare Bones Software is a powerful “Programmer's Editor” for OS X. BBEdit was the primary tool used to build this web site.

Macromedia Homesite

Pixelmator is an image editor specifically for Mac OS X. While not in the same league as Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator has a beautiful user interface, and many of its filtering features make use of the Mac's Core Image framework to produce beautiful image effects.

Jasc Software Paint Shop Pro

If you are unfortunate to be sentenced to work on a PC, Paint Shop Pro from Jasc Software (since acquired by Corel) is a pretty reasonable and functional alternative to Adobe PhotoShop. In the dark ages prior to Mac OS X, I used Paint Shop Pro to create and edit many of the graphics on this web site.

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