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Protractors Trilithon Protractors

Trilithon Protractors is another innovative application specifically for Mac OS X. This feature-rich product meets the needs of web developers and graphic designers by providing precision measurement of angles.

Protractor Scales include Degrees (the standard 360 gradations in a circle); Radians (2π gradations in a circle); Grads (a common European standard with 400 gradations in a circle); Mils (a military system with 6400 gradations in a circle) Compass Rose (a compass with 32 principal points)

Direction of Measurements can be set to Widdershins (anti-clockwise—the standard direction) or Deasil (clockwise—the retrograde direction)

Zero Points can be set to multiples of 90, 30, and 45 degrees for the Degree protractor; to multiples of 100 and 50 grads for the Grad protractor; and to multiples of 1600 and 800 mils for the Mil protractor;

Opacity Menu can set Protractors fully opaque, or can set them semi-transparent in ten percent increments so that you can see through to the underlying content

Real-Time Interactive Tracking of the mouse, plus high-precision display of current angle, with major and minor tracking lines

Move Protractors around the screen, either by dragging with the mouse, or via the arrow keys

Background Colour can be set to one of eight different colours

Set Centre Point of Protractor using ⌘ O to position the centre point of the protractor to the current location of the mouse

Copy Current Angle to the pasteboard using ⌘ C for pasting into other applications

Lock Tracking Lines using ⌘ L to take screen shot of angles

Remember Settings across sessions

Download Trilithon Protractors Download Protractors for Lion and Mountain Lion
Download Trilithon Protractors Download Protractors for Snow Leopard and Previous
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