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Compare Rulers

Rulers Trilithon Rulers
Horizontal Ruler

Trilithon Rulers is an innovative screen rulers application specifically for Mac OS X. This feature-rich product meets the needs of web developers and graphic designers.

Independent horizontal and vertical rulers can be locked together if required

First or Fourth Quadrant means that Rulers measures the vertical axis either from the top down (fourth quadrant) or from the bottom up (first quadrant)

Background Colour can be set to one of eight different colours, including Light Metal and Dark Metal

Cross Hairs can be set to one of four different sizes

Cross Hair Colours can be set to one of twelve different colours

Move Rulers around the screen, either by dragging with the mouse, or via the arrow keys

Resize Rulers via a resize control on either ruler

Lock the horizontal and vertical rulers so that they move together

Opacity Control can set Rulers fully opaque, or can set them semi-transparent so that you can see through the rulers to the underlying content

Zero Points can be set to the left, middle, or right (of the horizontal ruler) or the bottom, middle, or top (of the vertical ruler)

Shift Rulers to edges of screen

Ruler Units include inches graduated in sixteenths, inches graduated in tenths, Picas, Points, Centimetres, Millimetres, Pixels, and Percentage of Length

Scale Factors include 100 percent (one for one), 200 percent, 50 percent, 127 percent, and 78 percent.

Flip Tick Marks and Captions to either side of each ruler

Real-Time Interactive Tracking of the mouse, plus high-precision display of current coordinates

Copy Mouse Coordinates to the pasteboard using command-C for pasting into other applications

Position Ruler Origins to the current position of the mouse using command-O

Remember Settings across sessions

Download Trilithon Rulers Download Rulers for Lion and Mountain Lion
Download Trilithon Rulers Download Rulers for Snow Leopard and Previous
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